The chemistry behind carpet cleaning

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Cleaning carpets is easy right, why bother hiring a professional? Well you may be surprised to know cleaning carpets correctly isn’t so simple. There is a chemistry behind cleaning in the correct manner and removing any stains.

Simply put, its all about using the right PH levels for the right scenario.

The professional cleaners from Vale Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff have informed us that If you have a protein based stain, then you will need an AKALINE based solution such as a PH 11. However, you cannot simply leave your carpet in a high PH state. You will need to make it PH neural. This is generally accepted as 7 – 7.5 on the scale. So an ACIDIC solution is then needed to rinse the stain. Thus leaving the carpet fibers make in a state of neutrality.

A latest study in by the Fabclean carpet cleaning Cobham company found that the majority of wool carpets had the lower PH levels. Whereas the man made fibres such as nylon and polypropylene could cope better with the higher akaline carpet cleaning chemicals.

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